Maksim Kholostoy was born in Kiev, Ukraine and came to the U.S. in 1992 at the age of nine. At the encouragement of his older brother Zachary, he began dancing at age 11 at Viktor Kanevsky’s Kaiser Dance Academy in New York. He studied intensively with his DWTS peers Valentine & Maks Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff under Victor and Zachary, among other notables such as Roman Nabatov, Eugene Katsevman, and Maria Manusova. A year and a half later he was traveling nationally and internationally, winning numerous titles, including 1996­-1998 undefeated U.S. Junior Latin Champion, 1999-­2001 Youth Latin Champion finalist, and two-­time Junior and one-time Youth representative to the World Championships. In 1998 he was offered a sponsorship by John Kimmons of USABDA and current president of Arthur Murray to compete in the prestigious Blackpool Championships, held in Blackpool, England, where he became the first U.S. Junior to earn semifinalist.

Maksim has studied under champions Paul Killick, Allan Tornsberg, Karina Smirnoff, Beata Onefater, Michael Wentink, Ricardo Cocchi, Yulia Zagoruychenko, and Louis Van Amstel.

Maksim moved to Chicago in 2006 and is currently working on his ballroom ventures while studying music production.


  • Karina Smirnoff
  • Paul Killick
  • Vibeke Toft
  • Eugene Katsevman
  • Maria Manusova
  • Allan Tornsberg
  • Viktor Kanevsky
  • Micheal Wentink
  • Beata Onefater
  • Zachary Kholostoy
  • Ricardo Cocchi
  • Yulia Zagoruychenko
  • Katarzyna Kozak
  • Louis Van Amstel
  • Donald Johnson


  • Fred Astaire Certified Dance Instructor
  • Because of placing in the top 2 of U.S. National DanceSport Championships several times, I am here by automatically eligible and certified to teach the style I placed in (International Style).
  • Current DVIDA instructor and is working on his full DVIDA Certification in all styles and dances (International, American, and Latin Street)

Other Acknowledgements:

  • Owned 5 Dance Studios (1996 - 2004) (NY/NJ) & Operated with 2 others:
    • A&Z Ballroom Dance Studio (2008 - 2012)
    • Center for Ballroom and Dance (2012 - 2014)

Maskim Kholostoy

  • 6 time United States International Latin finalist
  • 3 time United States International Latin Champion
  • 3 time U.S. representative to the World DanceSport Championships
  • Quarter-finalist in Latin at the World DanceSport Championships (Riga, Latvia)
  • Semi-finalist in Latin at the Blackpool Dance Festival (Blackpool, England)
  • Winner/ Finalist of multiple Dance Competitions all over North America including but not limited to:
Masha Gasyuchenko winning the Youth Latin at OSB!

Masha Gasyuchenko winning the Youth Latin at OSB!

                  Constitution State Challenge DanceSport Championships

Manhattan DanceSport Championships

                  Northeastern Open Invitational

Yankee Classic

Manhattan Amateur Classic (MAC)

                  Tri-State Challenge DanceSport Championships

                  Philadelphia Festival & Atlantic Coast Championships

                  Millennium DanceSport Championships

New Jersey State Open Championships

Kings Ball

Maryland DanceSport Championships

                  Sunshine State DanceSport Championships

                  North American DanceSport Championships

                  Ohio Star Ball

                  San Francisco Open

                  La Classique Du Quebec, Canada

Joy Goetze - 3rd Place at Ohio Star Ball

Joy Goetze - 3rd Place at Ohio Star Ball


Indiana Challenge

Philadelphia DanceSport Festival

Wisconsin State Championships

Chicago Crystal Ball

Windy City Open

Southwestern Invitational

Harvest Moon


Ohio Star Ball

USDC, Florida

How do I get started?

Maksim offers a special Introductory Program for all our new students. Contact him to make an appointment for your first lesson. Lesson times vary by studio location.


What is the cost of lessons?

Contact Maksim for the current introductory offer.  Beyond that, our prices vary since dance lesson programs are designed to fit each student's specific interests - social dancing, wedding, competitive dancing, etc. Let him tailor a program to meet your individual goals and budget.


What types of dance do you teach?

Maksim offers all "Ballroom" dances, from waltz, tango, cha-cha, and salsa, to west and east coast swing, jive and samba. He can help you with your wedding, social dance, and competitive or Pro/Am needs. If you are interested in a solo choreography, call Maksim today to discuss all details of your routine or performance. Click here for more styles and dances BBM has to offer.


Do I need a partner?

No. Both singles and couples are welcome. If you come in as a single student, Maksim will be your partner for your Private or Group Lessons.


How often should I take lessons?

Maksim highly recommends that you schedule your lessons close together, especially in the beginning. The less time between lessons means the less you will forget, the less you will need to review, and the more quickly you will learn and reach a confident level in your dancing. In addition, it is most effective for you to take Private Lessons in conjunction with Group Lessons. Click here for more information about Private Lessons. 


What is a Private Lesson?

Private Lessons consist of one student or a couple working one on one with Maksim. Private instruction is tailored to your personal needs. Learning at your own pace is the optimum method of comprehension and that's what private instruction enforces.

One common misconception about Private Lessons is that they take place in seclusion. On the contrary, multiple Private Lessons are often going on at the same time in the studio. Experience shows students have found that learning in this environment gives them an advantage in social dance settings.

Private Lessons are by appointment only, and may be scheduled by simply contacting Ballroom by Max. Click here to contact BBM.


What is a Group Lesson?

Group Lessons consist of several students learning together in one setting. Group Lessons offer a wide variety of dances and topics to better your technique, physical fitness, and understanding of ballroom dance. All levels of students have the opportunity to participate. Maksim's recommendation is to take Group Lessons in addition to your Private Lessons. Group Lesson schedule varies depending on location and hours of operation. 


Will my lessons be at the same time every week?

In order to accommodate your busy schedule, Maksim attempts to be as flexible as possible from week to week. He's open 6 days a week from morning until night and on Sundays if it’s an absolute must. He also recommends that you schedule your lessons a few weeks in advance in order to reserve your preferred times. Group Lessons vary depending on type and level of dance so that everyone has an opportunity to attend. 


How should I dress for my lesson?

Wear something comfortable that won't inhibit movement. Some of BBM students come straight from work and others come for their lessons dressed business casual.  If you are a competitor or child, Maksim strongly recommends dance wear and dance shoes. Of course, comfortable shoes are recommended! He suggests a pair of leather-soled shoes for gentlemen and a shoe with a back for the ladies similar to what you would wear to go out dancing. Athletic shoes don't work well on the ballroom floor. They stick and make it difficult to move your feet!


Is it difficult to learn to dance?

Maksim has worked with all types of clients. What separates him from the rest is my keen ability to listen, create a plan that fits you and your budget, and help you execute your dancing to the absolute best of your ability.

"With over 20 years of experience, highest level of qualifications, and strong work ethic, I pledge to you my word that you will be more than satisfied with your dance lessons and experience. Don't take my word for it, read what BBM clients had to say!"

The learning is easy and fun. A steady approach with periodic practice will produce visible results in a short period. Maksim highly encourages you to keep your lessons close together. You will progress more quickly, and make your experience more valuable to you.


Didn't find your answer or you maybe have a different question? No Problem! Click here to contact us.