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I knew from my very first lesson with Max that I had just met someone very special – someone with world-class technical & artistic expertise, passion for his job and complete dedication to his students. Max is a great teacher because he clearly wants others to experience joy in dancing and in life. He is everything I want in a teacher and more – he is knowledgeable, patient (VERY patient), understanding, enthusiastic, inspiring and he helps me see that I am capable on the dance floor.

What I find so special about Max is that from the very beginning, I could tell he cared about me and my personal journey with ballroom dance. I never felt like “just another student” with him. He continues to take the time to understand my dreams, my goals, my fears, and how I process information best. Then he takes that information and teaches me in a way that maximizes my learning curve as a dancer and fills me with a sense of pride and satisfaction. 

Max constantly reminds me to be confident in myself and also pushes me to grow as a dancer. He has an amazing ability to connect with me and make me realize what I CAN do instead of letting me dwell on what I can’t do.

Max is simply the perfect combination of dancer and teacher and I feel so fortunate to be working with him. I am learning from the best….and he is bringing the best out of me. He is helping me fulfill my dreams and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Joy Goetze