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“Head up and smile!”

Those words of my daughter’s dance instructor Max Kholostoy became the inspiration for her middle school graduation speech and the motto for her everyday life!

Our family has known Max since 2008. My daughter was dancing in one of his groups for children, and my son and I were taking private classes with Max. We were all dancing for fun, but my daughter was taking dance more seriously. In September 2010, Masha started taking private classes with Max once a week and by Winter Show in December 2010 they were able to dance one of the most serious dance Paso Doble.

In 2012, Masha began preparing for the much harder Open Gold category in the International Latin program. Since that time, she has participated in competitions nationally including Millennium DanceSport Championships and Ohio Star Ball,also known as America's Ballroom Challenge televised on WTTW. Their goal is to win each and every competition and they usually accomplish it.

Our family, relatives, and friends are so proud of Masha’s accomplishments in dance, but we understand that it wouldn't be possible without Max! His passion, dedication to dance, enthusiasm, and support helped my daughter not only succeed but understand the meaning of commitment. Masha has learned how to work hard, how to be confident, how to work as a team, and how to enjoy herself on the dance floor. In addition to competing, Max has choreographed several show dances for Masha and taught her how to perform on stage.

As a parent, I can say that my daughter has learned much more than dancing during all the years she has spent with Max. She can manage her time and balance her school work between after school activities and dance. Masha is an A-student in GlenBrook South High School.

Max can inspire dancing even in those who have never danced before and never wanted to try!

I highly recommend dancing to everyone. And if you’re looking for a true professional, ask for Max. It will be unforgettable, fun, exciting, and also a workout!

Masha Gasyuchenko & Irene Sakk, Masha's Mother